Delong Lures 6″ Weedless KILR Worm for Bass, Pike, and Anything in Between, Soft Plastic Bass Fishing Lures Baits Tackle


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The History of Delong Lures

Delong Lures is an iconic American Lure company with a storied and unique history that changed the course fishing forever.

When Delong Started

Founded in 1946 in Akron, Ohio David DeLong poured the first ever artificial plastic fishing worms and throughout the next several decades remained on the cutting edge of fishing gear innovation. He created the first scented soft plastic fishing lure, and received a patent on a weedless hook that is still used today in our weedless fishing lures.


Now based in Canal Fulton, Ohio, Delong Lures is still a proud American owned fishing lure company and continues to make high quality prerigged fishing lures out of durable anise scented soft plastic using David Delong’s original formula that made his fishing lures famous.

What kind of lures?

Over the years, the Delong Lure Company has been creating many types of fishing lures for both freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing. They have a fishing lure for any type of water whether it is lake fishing, river fishing, ocean fishing, or even Ice fishing Delong has a fishing bait for you. They have rubber worms, dragonfly lures, mayfly lures, tadpole lures, eel lures, bluegill bait, and many many more.

What Else?

DeLong specializes in lures for bass fishing with iconic bass lures like the Bass Witch, KILR Worms, Sand Eel, and Tadpoles. All of these bass lures are made with anise scented soft plastic that DeLong uses to create fishing lures bass cannot resist. Their bass lures come in two styles weedless fishing lures and open hook fishing lures that gives anglers diverse options on what to throw.


DeLong also boast a great line of crappie lures. Our tadpole lures cannot be beat they are the ultimate crappie bait. They are a life like lure that swims and twitches like real minnows. They are fishing lures crappie cannot resist.

Who uses Delong lures?

DeLong Lures have been used by fishermen for over 75 years. Including some of the all-time greats including Bill Murphy who wrote the book, In Pursuit of Giant Bass which is also known as the bass bible. He even included the DeLong snake and their prerigged fishing worms as some of his favorite bass lures. He is not the only fan of DeLong Lures generations of anglers have made DeLong Lures their prerigged fishing lure of choice that out fishes the competition. They have been using Delong’s worms for fishing for years and they keep coming back for more.

NEW BIGGER EYELET MAKES IT EASY TO CONNECT TO YOUR FISHING LINE- We had some want a bigger eyelet on the front hook to make it easier to connect your line to the weedless worm. We added a new hook with a big eyelet to make it easier on you. This is another example of our commitment to continued improvement to make your fishing experience better.
MADE IN USA SINCE 1946 WITH MILLIONS OF SATIFIED CUSTOMERS. DeLong lures has been making pre rigged fishing lures for over 75 years when David DeLong invented the soft plastic fishing lure! .
These bass lure worms come pre-rigged with two weedless hooks and are scented with Delong’s original Anise oil formula that has been proven to out fish the competition.
You can also work the worm like a jerk bait by giving the worm short quick jerks then allowing it to settle. This bass lure can get into heavy weeds and around structure that is hiding fish your other bass lures cant get to.

Delong Lures 6″ Weedless KILR Worm for Bass, Pike, and Anything in Between, Soft Plastic Bass Fishing Lures Baits Tackle
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