ECOFT Lead Free Fishing Sinkers and Weights Coated Egg Sinkers Cannonball Sinkers Assorted Sizes 20g-200g in Bag and Fishing Weights Sinkers Assortment Box Drop Shot for Saltwater Freshwater

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ECOFT ALL productsECOFT ALL products

using ECOFT sinker and weightsusing ECOFT sinker and weights


ECOFT is a fishing tackle brand established in England. Our company’s new environmental fishing sinker can protect you leave away from lead pollution.

Using ECOFT environmental sinker to go fishing, creating clean space to sea environment. ECOFT aims to provide economic, effective, healthy and pleasant experience in your fishing time

Economic for anglers Small resistance when sinker drops in water Graze surface decrease scratch phenomenon Strong and smooth snaps decrease damages to fishing line High-density alloy steel material without heavy metals Special material sinker less possible lock or hang bottom when touching with sea rocks and shipwrecks Beautiful appearance attracts more fishes and bring enjoyable fishing experience to anglers Passed the California Proposition 65 certification

protect fishprotect fish

ECOFT Environmental Sinker Story

Nowadays plastic and heavy-metal pollution are two main pollutions that affects water environment, the marine resource is facing huge threaten. Marine life attracts human behavior is increasing because their living place suffered too much pollution.

The fishing trip takes a long time, angler need eat food or smoke. If he/she touched lead material, the lead would leave on the hand and enter the human food chain. When lead entered the human body, it would stay on body forever.

Most sinkers on the market are using lead material, lead is an undecomposed toxic heavy metal that brings harms to both human and marine resources. The owner of ECOFT developed a new style sinker to replace the lead sinker. ECOFT sinker has been already widely used in the many countries.

As a fishing enthusiast, everyone has the responsibility to protect the water environment. Toxic heave metal also harms to the human body. For the water environment and body healthy, please try ECOFT new style environmental Sinker.




20g-40g are silver, 50g-200g are sky blue

Single size in bag:

20g/0.7oz-16pcs, 30g/1.05oz-9pcs, 40g/1.41oz-8pcs, 50g/1.76oz-15pcs,60g/2.11oz-12pcs,

80g/2.82oz-9pcs, 100g/3.52oz-12pcs, 120g/4.23oz-9pcs, 150g/5.29oz-8pcs, 200g/7.05oz-6pcs

20pcs Assortment Box:

20g/0.7oz, 30g/1.05oz, 40g/1.41oz, 50g/1.76oz, each size 5pcs

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【ALLOY STEEL MATERIAL】:The round fishing weights mixed with multiple degradable metals without any heavy metals to keep high density, the sinkers passed the California Proposition 65 certification at TUV. Comparing with traditional lead sinkers weights, this ECO fishing weight sinker is friendly to the water environment. Non toxic fishing weights for anglers.
【BEAUTIFUL ECONOMY SUFFICIENT WEIGHT】:The weight sinker was used advanced processing techniques to produce, it has smooth surface and accurate grams weight. The strong and smooth snaps minimizes damages to fishing line, also easy to change lures and rigs. The degradable materials aim to protect anglers leave away with lead pollution.
【HIGH HARDNESS GLAZE SURFACE DESIGN】:This ball shape sinkers weights has higher hardness and smoother surface than lead weights. These factors ensure the sinker has small resistance when drop in water and less possible lock or hang bottom when touching with rocks and shipwrecks. In addition, the glaze surface decreases the ship scratch phenomenon.
【VARIOUS PACKAGE】:The saltwater weights were packaged in free reusable bag or box, its various size/weight satisfy most fisher requirement. Single size bag includes 20g-16pcs, 30g-9pcs, 40g-8pcs, 50g-15pcs, 60g-12pcs, 80g-9pcs, 100g-12pcs, 120g-9pcs, 150g-8pcs, 200g-6pcs. 20pcs Assortment Kit Box include 20g, 30g, 40g, 50g each size per 5pcs.
【MORE USING WAYS】: ECOFT ball-shaped fishing weights kits also widely used in Home & Kitchen because these weights has beautiful color and appearance without any heavy toxic metals. Such as tablecloth weights, curtain weights and aquarium weights.

ECOFT Lead Free Fishing Sinkers and Weights Coated Egg Sinkers Cannonball Sinkers Assorted Sizes 20g-200g in Bag and Fishing Weights Sinkers Assortment Box Drop Shot for Saltwater Freshwater


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