Facikono Fishing Leaders Wire 125LB Heavy Duty Saltwater Fishing Wire with Swivels and Snaps, 19.68in


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Pull Test: 58kg / 125lb
Wire Length: 50cm / 19.69in
Wire Diameter: 0.1cm / 0.04in
Swivel Length: 2.1cm / 0.83in
Snap Length: 2.83cm / 1.11in

Heavy-duty Steel Fishing Leaders

Composed of high strength steel and surface wrapped with nylon, providing an amazing pull to hold big fishes; Each with 7 strands steel wire braided, ensures long lasting strength, durable and tough enough for your sea fishing.

Fine Workmanship

Wire Leaders with swivel and snap, easy to rig with any terminal tackle, convenient for you to change lures quickly. Save more time for your fishing journey.

Reliable Fishing Wire Leaders

The fishing wire leaders can help decrease the pull of the big fishes to protect the main line when fish been caught; Using a reliable leader wire can enhance the protection of the fishing line from being cut off by the fish’s teeth, rocks, and reefs.

What’s in Bag
20 Fishing Leader Wires
Saltwater Fishing Leader Wire: Heavy duty fishing leader wire can support a lot of weights (up to 125lb tested), holding up bottom big fishes in deep sea, especially toothy fishes like pike, catfish, dogfish, trout, salmon etc.
Good Steel Leader Wire: Withstand pulling force when fish been caught, resulting in fewer break-offs. Commonly use in saltwater and freshwater.
Sturdy and Strong: Crafted by nylon-wrapped 7 strands steel wire braided, it features particularly bite resistance, stays well in heavy weeds, rocks and fish battles without being cut with any teeth.
High Strength Swivel&Snap: Each fitted with a 0.83in flexible rolling swivel on one end, making greater presentations of the lure, while 1.2in snap clip on the opposite end that tightly holds your hook or lure and offers more convenience for lure changing.
What You Get: 20Pcs saltwater fishing leader wire, lengths in 19.7in with 1mm diameter, all packed together with a twist tie.

Facikono Fishing Leaders Wire 125LB Heavy Duty Saltwater Fishing Wire with Swivels and Snaps, 19.68in
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