Harmony Fishing – Razor Series Wacky Weedless WG Hooks


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Harmony Fishing CompanyHarmony Fishing Company

Harmony Fishing Company

Making Better Tackle – Making Better Anglers. Proudly Designed, Assembled, and Supported in the USA!

What makes our products unique?

As a fishermen owned business, we’re able to relate on a personal level. We build tackle that we’re proud to tie on the end of our lines. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate the tiny details within our items that are fine tuned and crafted toward the techniques that each product is designed for.

Why do we love what we do?

We love knowing that our products are earning a spot in your tackle box and helping you catch that next fish. We operate every aspect of our business by our motto, “Making Better Tackle, Making Better Anglers”!

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About Us:

Harmony Fishing is a family business operating in New Jersey since 2010. We developed the popular “Wacky Rings” for wacky rigging soft stick bait worms as our first entry into the fishing market. Since then, we’ve used our manufacturing and angling experience to develop a wide line of fishing products.

All of our products are proudly designed, assembled, and supported in the USA!

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Harmony Fishing’s Wacky Weedless Hooks are an excellent way to get into fishing Wacky Style (The Wacky Rig). Simply hook your worm/senko through the middle with a Wacky Weedless Hook, or better yet, hook through a Wacky Ring (Reusable o-rings for Wacky Rigging Senkos/Worms), and you’ll be mastering the Wacky Rig in no time. Wacky Weedless Hooks are snag-free, allowing you to cast under docks, into thick cover, and other places that normally cause your lure to hang-up or snag.
Wider gap offers better hookup ratio. Turned in hook point keeps fish hooked, and prevents that lunker bass from getting off your line. Our new and improved wire weed guard is an upgrade from the previous generation of this hook – It now includes a black epoxy wire wrap on each hook to prevent the guard wire from unraveling on the hook shank. The chemically sharpened Razor Series hook points and Sure-Crimp Hook Eye put the Razor Series Wacky Weedless Hooks a step above the rest.
Designed for Senko Worms, Finesse Worms, and all other bass fishing baits like Gary Yamamoto Senkos, Yum Dingers, Zoom Trick Worms, Berkley Finesse Worms, Z-Man ZinkerZ, and many more worms/baits that are fished Wacky Style or with the Neko Rig.
Available in 10 pack or 25 pack.

Harmony Fishing – Razor Series Wacky Weedless WG Hooks
Harmony Fishing – Razor Series Wacky Weedless WG Hooks
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