Nirvana Tenkara Line Holder Cards (6 Pack)

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Product Description

Tenkara Line Holder CardsTenkara Line Holder Cards

You Get 6 Cards in a Pack & Each is a Different Color for Coding Lines

6 ULTRA-THIN & ULTRA Light Tenkara Line Holders made in Japan!

Great for Tenkara LEVEL LINE (or shorter furled & PVC line).

6 colors in a pack for easy color coding.

3 Inches Wide & Credit Card Thin!

Store 4 lines in the same space as a common tenkara line holder.

Line Holder ComparisonLine Holder Comparison

Thinnest & Lightest Tenkara Line Holders Available!

These Tenkara Line Card Spools are perfect for winding up your Tenkara Level Lines with minimal storage size possible. They are super light/thin Tenkara line winders as to not add weight or bulk to your Tenkara bag. Now you can have 4 Line cards spools with Tenkara level line on them in the same size space as a traditional Tenkara line holder.

All 6 Tenkara Line Holder CardsAll 6 Tenkara Line Holder Cards

The cards have several holes to hook your fly on and 2 slits in the middle to secure the end (or beginning) of your tenkara line.

Taps fold out for you to wind your line on and the back ridge makes it easy guide your line into the grove when winding.

It is easy to write on these cards with a permanent marker so you remember the size and length of your line, the back side of the card has no text or graphics. These cards are as then as a credit card. You get 6 different colors, each card is a different color so you can color code your different tenkara lines.

NIRVANA Tenkara Line Holder Cards Back SideNIRVANA Tenkara Line Holder Cards Back Side


If you fold every other tab backwards and the others forward, you can actually put one line on the front of the card and one line on the back of the card.

SUPER THIN Tenkara Line Holders! Made in Japan
Perfect For ULTRA-Light Minimalist Approach!
Made for Tenkara LEVEL LINE (not for furled or PVC lines unless they are short).
Store 4 Lines in the space of 1 regular spool.
6 Great Colors for Color Coding.

Nirvana Tenkara Line Holder Cards (6 Pack)
Nirvana Tenkara Line Holder Cards (6 Pack)

Original price was: $12.99.Current price is: $10.99.

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